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There is no need for you to go it alone! We’re here to help guide you through the many issues your business faces.

As financial consultants to many north Florida small businesses, we have worked with many business owners who have attempted to perform their own accounting.

We get it. As a small business owner, minimizing costs by omitting the expense of a professional bookkeeper may first appear to be a solid cost cutting decision. But the facts are, small business owners routinely over estimate their quarterly tax payments. It’s an understandable error. The IRS levies large penalties on unpaid taxes, and many business owners adapt the adage, “Better safe than sorry”. Unfortunately, playing it safe can cost your business significant amounts in unnecessary tax payments.

Likewise, the small business owner who tries to solve the tax deduction riddle, without professional advice is a business owner who generally pays more in taxes than is required.

It’s complicated. Imagine trying to determine deductions for equipment, utilities, or even which part of your home to deduct for a home office? At 904Tax, we can help, and we know the answers to your questions.

Hiring a Bonafide Bean Counter

Tax planning is a strategy, and not just a government form which is filed periodically.

Every accountant understands the basic principle, tax filings must be accurate, and filed on time. Yet oftentimes, their work ends there. Reason being, they lack the commitment, willingness, and ingenuity to delve deeper into your business, and the tax code to develop a cohesive plan to maximize profits and reduce tax liabilities for your business.

It’s that simple!

No Bean Goes Uncounted

At 904Tax we are “Bonafide Bean Counters” and in our world, “No bean goes uncounted”.

But there is more to it than just our detailed nature. The truth is, our tax preparation commitment to our clients goes deeper than the other guys. We believe we should be one of your small business’s most valuable assets – a regular participant when it comes to making those big financial decisions.

At 904Tax, we will work as hard as you do to put more money in your bottom line. If we don’t accomplish that goal, then we haven’t done our job.

Our Mission. More Profit, Fewer Taxes

Making the claim of more profit and fewer taxes for your small business may seem a bold statement for some accountants, but at 904Tax, this is our mission.

We understand the complexities of current tax law and we work with you to understand the complexities of your business.

The fact is, Tax Planning is an ongoing process, one which begins at the beginning of each fiscal year and progresses week by week, and month by month until tax time. The job we performed last year may need fine tuning this year, depending on changes reflected in your business. At 904Tax, we like to think of ourselves as an invested partner, part of your inner circle so to speak. When it comes time to weigh in on those decisions which affect your bottom line, we are with you every step of the way, generating ideas to maximize your business profit and reduce your tax burden.

Quarterly taxes, and payroll taxes are one of the biggest expenses for any small business. Why pay more than is required?

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