Where’s My Refund?

What Is The Status Of My Refund? That’s A Question We Get A Lot. Let’s Take A Look At Where You Can Find That Information.

Where’s My Refund?

What’s The Status On My IRS Tax Refund? We Hear That A Lot And We Know Getting Your Refund Back Quickly Is A High Priority So Here’s Some Useful Information.

If you filed your taxes directly with the IRS then you can quickly look up the status online at the Where’s My Refund? IRS Tool

What you will need

  • Your Social Security Number or ITIN
  • The Exact Amount Of Your Refund
  • Your Filing Status

24 hr A Day – You can make use of the IRS refund statusĀ  update site 24 hours a day once you have completed your e-filing.

4 Weeks After Mailing – Get information 4 weeks after mailing your return in.

Daily Updates – You can receive daily return status updates. Status updates usually occur overnight.


Where’s My Refund FAQ

Exactly What Information Is Available?

If You E-Filed – Most Noteworthy, only the most current years tax information which you filed is available. This information is, in most cases, available within 24 hours of your filing and the acknowledgement from the IRS.

If You Mailed It In – Should you have mailed in a paper return then you will need to allow 4 weeks for the status information to become available. By contrast if you had E-Filed you would have as a result more instant access to the status.

What You Can’t Get?

Prior Year – Only the most recent tax filing year will be online.

Example: If you filed your 2015 return on January 1st then filed your 2014 return one week after only your 2015 return will be available to you through the site.

Business Tax Filing – Business tax returns are not available on the IRS’s Where’s My Refund Site. You can obtain business tax refund status using the following IRS phone numbers:

800-829-4933 Toll Free

267-941-1000 Outside The US

Business Tax Preparation is a key focus for us at 904tax.com and if you have just a moment please take a look at our list of business tax preparation services.

Amended Tax Return (Form 1040X) – Amended individual tax returns submitted using the 1040X form are not available online.

Amended returns may take 12 weeks or longer to process.

The Where’s My Amended Return too can be used to find the status on the current years return and up to 3 previous years.

In Conclusion

Individual filers have but two choices to file their returns:

  1. E-File
  2. Snail Mail

E-File is by far the fastest method of filing your Individual 1040 form. It’s by far faster than the traditional snail mail route.

Mail – In contrast to E-File you can still mail in your individual 1040 form and therefore wait what seems like an eternity to obtain status information, consequently we highly recommend taking advantage of our E-Filing service which is free as part of our individual tax preparation service.

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