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The ancient proverb states, “There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip”.

At 904Tax, we believe this axiom encapsulates the world of accounting and tax preparation. The decision to hire an accountant to prepare your individual or business tax returns is a decision not to be made lightly. A wrong slip, and it could cost significant amounts of money should important tax credits and deductions be omitted at tax time.

Getting to Know You, Helps Us Do A Better Job.

At 904Tax we know from experience how to maximize your tax savings.

Yet, there is more to the annual ritual of tax preparation than mere efficiency or the detailed business of counting all the beans. The fact is, we take time with our clients, and we do it for a reason. We don’t shuttle them into and out of our offices like we are turning tables in a fast food restaurant.

We live by the idea that sometimes, less is more. When it comes to our clients, we take whatever time is necessary to get to know who you are. We believe, that learning about your individual and business goals, acquainting ourselves with your passions, and the vision you hold for your business allows us to better serve your interests. When it comes to tax preparation time, the relationship we have formed, helps us do our very best for you.

At 904Tax, business is about creating and keeping relationships. We believe the only way to accomplish that end is to build lasting relationships that we honor year after year.

Tax Preparation Experience Where it Counts

Current tax laws have become incredibly complex.

Even simple returns can require a certain knowledge on behalf of the preparer. 904Tax has years of experience preparing taxes, so we can help you regardless of your tax preparation needs – individual or business returns.

Each form of business entity has its own tax requirements. We have worked with partnerships, limited liability companies, and all forms of corporations so rest assured we have the knowledge base to tackle your tax preparation needs.

At 904Tax all returns are double checked for accuracy and to reveal potential areas of conflict which can raise IRS concerns. We will review deductions and tax credits taken and point out commonly overlooked areas where clients routinely fail to take allowed deductions. We maximize refund times by filing electronically where applicable.

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